Meet Dan Nehring

Dan Nehring

Insurance Broker


Florida and South Carolina

About Dan


Dan Nehring is a trusted and reputable agent at Core Insurance Solutions. With an instinctual passion for helping others, his career path has been focused in the medical field, specifically assisting those in urgent need. Before focusing on insurance, Dan served as an EMT, medic and 911-operator for more than 12 years. All of these roles meant opportunities to save lives, provide comfort and support those who are in need of direct and compassionate assistance. In 2018, Dan transitioned his career to insurance where he has continued to help people navigate healthcare by matching his clientele with the best plan for their unique needs. As a licensed insurance broker, Dan is licensed with most of Florida’s Medicare Health Plans and he primarily works with seniors to educate them and help them make informed decisions, providing guidance every step of the way, even after a plan is selected to ensure that as healthcare needs may change, your plan remains the best fit.